Jamie Oliver – MRG
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Jamie Oliver – MRG


  • Concept,
  • Digital Design,
  • UI / UX


The meat roasting guide was a classic tool, taken from extracts from ‘Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Book’ to be a fun and easy tool to utilise while cooking on the go. The idea of the tool was to be mobile first, keeping in-touch of it’s user base which hits over 10m monthly views a month, but 15m over the period of Christmas.

Wire-framing the concept to fit over numerous cross devices, a lot of different designs and re-amends and it finally got pushed live in November! The tool was featured on Jamie Oliver’s christmas show and over 179K users played on this being the most device on the christmas site.

The print version was also adapted for online so users could view it also on their computers but printable on one sheet of A4.

If you’d like to check the tool out then visit it here.